Sabtu, 09 November 2013

home : hitting with insurance

Choose a family home insurance is not easy. The key to hitting is to compare the offers available to meet our needs in the event that something happens at home.

Perhaps the home is the most important investment in the life of a family. Secure it is equally necessary and required by law if we have a mortgage. However, it is very easy for parents to get lost before the barrage of insurers , offers and clauses . Be patient it will save more than an upset at home.

Observe the home

What we have at home ? How much is the family home ? What extras need? In general, each case is different. However, we must consider some points especially if we own . Home insurance should cover at least :

    Continent : that is the elements of the home ( windows, walls, roofs, foundations ... ) .
    Content: the objects we have in the house ( appliances, jewelry , furniture, antiques ... ) .
    Liability : To pay or physical damage can make any family member .
    Legal defense : to pay for if you need lawyers, experts, etc. .. for any household member .

In addition, home insurance can include theft insurance , travel, use of credit cards, etc ...

The best insurance for home : be cautious

Family is important to reflect about insurance that will suit you and consult several insurance companies, banks , etc. ... The price of the policy may vary depending on many things: if our main house, if it's a second home , whether it is of an old house or a flat, if its construction is conventional or luxury ... We must read the contract carefully to take no surprises . We ask the insurer what we understand .

It is important that home bills keep everything that is of value ( appliances, computers , furniture ... ) to avoid problems in case you need to claim the insurance. Likewise, we must keep all the information you get home from the insurer (including advertising) , they must answer for it in case of conflict .